This represents a summary of the University’s Acceptable Use Policy. Users are required to comply with the full policy, which details the approval requirements.


University Information Technology (IT) resources are to be used for university-related purposes. Some examples of IT resources are computers, software, networks, and electronic devices. This policy applies to all users of university IT resources, whether affiliated with the university or not, and to all users of those resources, whether on campus or from remote locations. Users are responsible for following the University’s Acceptable Use Policy.

General Rules

  1. Users of university IT resources must comply with all applicable legal requirements.
  2. Users are responsible for any activity originating from their accounts. Users shall not share their accounts and passwords.
  3. Users shall not use IT resources to gain unauthorized access to anything.
  4. Disruptive use of university IT resources is not permitted.
  5. University IT resources shall not to be used for commercial purposes without prior approval.
  6. Occasional personal use of university IT resources by employees is permitted when it does not consume a significant amount of those resources, is otherwise in compliance with this policy, and meets with the approval of the supervisor.
  7. The university may monitor the activity and accounts of any users of university IT resources.
  8. Communications made concerning university business are generally subject to the Florida Public Records Law and retention requirements.
  9. Users must not augment the university network infrastructure without prior approval.

Additional requirements apply to the collection, use, storage, and maintenance of Restricted Data.

Consequences of Violations

Users who violate this policy may be subject to penalties and disciplinary action, including expulsion, dismissal, or revocation of user access.