What is an Enhancement Request?

If a set of tasks should take less than 80 hours of managed work (i.e. towards an enhancement), then the respective manager of said tasks should create an Enhancement Request within our Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) application.  This allows UFIT to track all planned and actual time put towards a common goal.

UFIT Enhancement Request Creation Process

What is a Project?

Projects are intended to optimize allocated resources to create value (products and services) for UF. Each project is a bounded set of tasks, with constraints in time and funding, with specific deliverables towards the achievement of a specific goal(s). Note: It is important to differentiate between operation tasks and projects. UFIT also uses additional criteria to help establish a project by assessing the associated work effort in resource hours. Should a set of tasks take more than 80 hours of work effort, then this establishes the tasks as a project.

Please contact UFIT's Business Relationship Managers at for more information.

Benefits of a Project

  • Dedicates and pushes resources towards a common goal and benefits
  • Tracks planned and actual time spent towards said goal
  • Allows for transparency between resources, stakeholders, and sponsors
  • Minimizes risks by facilitating communication and collaboration
  • Ensures documentation is properly completed, approved, and delivered
  • Enforces approval from governance and stakeholders
  • Predicts upcoming tasks and allocations with project plans
  • But, of course, there's always more... just ask our Project Management Office!
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