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Time Reporting

You already enter time in myUFL…Why should you care about tracking your time in Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)?   You might think it doesn’t matter since your paycheck is based on what is entered in myUFL. But what about your value to UFIT, and the university overall?  PPM provides for a way to document your productivity towards projects identified as important to the university’s mission.  It also gives you a chance to account for the important “run” activities necessary for you to keep established services and processes going.

Benefits to You

Show Your Value to UF.  This is your opportunity to document all work efforts in a central reporting system.  Recording your time shows your specific contribution to UFIT and the university.

Document Your Workload.  Are you working more than 40 hours per week? Accurate reporting of time serves as a record of your workload and can be used to identify where UFIT needs additional resources.

Better Allocation of Time.  A record of the time you spent on past work activities allows us to more accurately predict the amount of time needed for future work activities. This helps to ensure you are allocated to the appropriate amount of run and project work.

Benefits to UFIT

Better Project Planning.   Accurate time reporting allows for better estimates on project delivery and expectations.  It enables us to be clear in what we can deliver with internal and external customers.

Resource Alignment.   Accurate time reporting data enables us to know where time is being spent and helps us move people to the highest priority tasks.

Costing of Services.  We can quantify the human resource cost of developing and running the services we provide using time reporting data.  This gives us insight into the true cost of the services we support on behalf of the university.

Benefits to the University of Florida

Data-Driven Investment Decisions.   Knowing how much time is needed to provide new and existing services gives university leadership key information needed to make informed decisions.

Better Strategic Decision Making.  Time reporting data allows for strategic planning based on UFIT’s capacity and enables us to better align our activities with the university mission.