This document establishes standards for the allocation, registration and reclamation of IP addresses on the University of Florida network.


  1. Publicly routable IPv4 address space will only be used where it is required, and publicly accessible servers are one of the very few standard use cases. Network Address Translation of private IP addresses at the University of Florida network and Internet boundary is the largest use of public IP addresses.
  2. All other devices will be allocated private (RFC 1918) addresses. In general, if a device and application will function on private IP, then it should reside on private IP.
  3. Network Contacts are authorized to request network changes such as assignments of public and private IP addresses. Network Contacts are responsible for registering IP addresses used by their unit, according to the standards established by ICT.
  4. Infrastructure and Communication Technology (ICT) may manage IP address assignments for Units at the request of the IT-Director.
  5. IP address assignment requests will be fulfilled with addresses assigned in maskable ranges and/or subnets.
  6. The minimum registration information required to be eligible for an IP address assignment is:
    1. Unit Name
    2. Network Contacts
  7. Network optimization and/or design may occasionally require re-assignment of IP addresses. ICT will work with affected units to schedule such changes expeditiously while attempting to minimize disruptions.