Data that has been deleted using typical Operating System provided mechanisms usually remains stored on the media, and can be easily recovered. This document provides requirements to ensure that media is securely processed to prevent data from being recovered.


  1. Media sanitization and destruction will follow all University of Florida requirements for Records Retention
  2. Media to be reused within the same unit will be Cleared or Purged according to NIST Guidelines for the type of media.
  3. Media to be transferred to another UF unit, transferred to a non-UF entity, returned to a vendor or disposed of will be Purged or Destroyed according to NIST Guidelines for the type of media.
  4. Units will create and follow procedures to ensure that all devices and media are processed in accordance with these standards. Records will be maintained of sanitization of media transferred, to include the media sanitized, date, person performing the sanitization, and method and tool used.

Media will be stored securely and tracked between the time it is removed from service and when it is sanitized. References:

NIST SP-800-88: Guidelines for Media Sanitization
UF Information Privacy Policies & Procedures: Storage, Retention, Archiving, and Disposal of
Restricted Information
University of Florida General Records Retention Schedule
University of Florida Records Disposition

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