This policy is targeted at sources of unwanted, unsolicited email (spam) external to the UF Network.

Spam sent to University of Florida accounts is unacceptable and violates the terms of acceptable use of the University of Florida IT resources.  It disrupts the public workplace, is detrimental to our resources, and it is not welcome by our users.


After the first occurrence, an attempt will be made to notify the sender that unsolicited email should not be sent to university accounts and that any further receipt of such messages will initiate our procedures to block email from the sender.

After the second occurrence, the system will be configured to block email coming from the offending account. Any reinstatement of privileges must be requested in writing from the UF ISM.


Those wishing to send unsolicited content to faculty and staff can purchase mailing labels from UF Information Systems. Those wishing to send unsolicited content to students may purchase mailing labels from the UF Registrar; contact Sunny Balough, 352-392-1361. x7303.

For information on appropriate use of UF email resources, refer to the UF Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy.