The Information Security Advisory Committee is charged as follows:

  • Recommend a framework to develop and align information security strategies with UF’s mission and objectives, including, applicable laws and regulations, requirements.
  • Recommend procedures for IT systems and practice at UF lead to lower risk and less exposure of information and IT resources. Procedures and practice may include appropriate technical infrastructure and security controls in the UF’s IT environment.
  • Assist in identifying and classifying information.
  • Assess and evaluate security incident management and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Recommend procedures that increase the security of business continuity and recovery plans.


March 21, 2017 (PDF, 179 kB)

December 20, 2016 (PDF, 37 kB)

April 19, 2016 (PDF, 39 kB)

November 17, 2015 (PDF, 38 kB)

May 19, 2015 (PDF, 40 kB)

October 7, 2014 (PDF, 38 kB)

September 23, 2014 (PDF, 39 kB)

May 20, 2014 (PDF, 39 kB)

April 15, 2014 (PDF, 38 kB)

December 3, 2013 (PDF, 38 kB)

October 1, 2013 (PDF, 39 kB)

September 13, 2013 (PDF, 40 kB)

August 29, 2013(PDF, 40 kB)

May 7, 2013 (PDF, 36 kB)

April 2, 2013 (PDF, 36 kB)

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Information Security Advisory Committee Membership
Cammy Abernathy, ChairDean, College of Engineering
Regular MembersUnit
Brook MercierHuman Resource Services
Joe CanellaInterim Chief Audit Executive
Don NovakUFHealth
Terra DuBoisInterim Chief Compliance Officer
Steve PritzUF Registrar
Colin MaillouxUF General Counsel, Senior Counsel
Amy HassOffice of the Vice President and General Counsel
Greg KikerDepartment of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
David WilkensSr. Director of Privacy
Area Expert Members (ex-officio)Unit
Rob AdamsOffice of Information Security