Any student, faculty, staff member or organization at UF can submit a concept paper to the Technology Fee Advisory Committee.


Approval of a project proposal required a multi-step process.

  1. A concept paper that strictly adheres to the requirements below must be submitted to the Committee.
  2. The Committee will review the submitted concept paper and accept or reject it. Rejected concept papers can be resubmitted in following cycles.
  3. Accepted concept papers will be invited to submit a proposal and provided with a proposal template.
  4. The Committee will review the submitted proposal and accept or reject.
  5. Accepted proposals will be forwarded with a recommendation to the CIO.
  6. The CIO will make a final decision on project proposals to be funded.
  7. Funded proposals will be announced and posted on this web site.


    Important Dates

    See the table on the Technology Fee page for important dates.

    How to Submit a Concept Paper