Campus IT Directors

The Campus IT Directors are a group of representatives of college and unit information technology (IT) departments across the University of Florida. This group is used to distribute information regarding IT to their college or unit constituents and their input is sought for products, services or policies within the IT Governance process.


Regular Members Unit
Wendy Williams College of Agricultural & Life Sciences
Pete Haring College of the Arts
Jeff Bell College of Dentistry
Bob Matckie College of Design, Construction & Planning
Trace Choulat College of Education
Pete Calamore College of Health and Human Performance
Joshua Merrill College of Journalism and Communications
Ken Sallot College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
David Twombley College of Medicine
Justin Burley College of Nursing
Lane Blanchard College of Pharmacy
Geof Gowan College of Public Health & Health Professions
Bobby Lee College of Veterinary Medicine
Jeff Bell College of Veterinary Medicine
Frank Phillips Division of Business Affairs – Technical Services
Robert Bache Division of Enrollment Management
Warren Brown Florida Museum of Natural History
Matt Herring Harn Museum of Art
Dan Cromer Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
Gigi Lipori Office of Sr. Vice President and Health Affairs
Nick Dunham Office of the Vice President for Research
Will Collante UF International Center (UFIC)
Mark McCallister UFIT - Academic Technology
Jennifer Snowden UFIT - CIO Administration
Barb Sedesse UFIT - IT Business Center
Rob Adams UFIT - Information Security
Saira Hasnain UFIT - Infrastructure and Communication Technology
Alicia Turner UFIT - Customer Experience & Resource Planning
Erik Deumens UFIT - Research Computing
Matt Vincent University Athletic Association (UAA)
Todd Digby University Libraries
Bryan Lutz University Press of Florida
Heather Greig University of Florida Foundation
Elias Eldayrie Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Eric Olson Warrington College of Business
Shawn Lander Wertheim College of Engineering